How to generate Authentication in Laravel 6.0 LTS

You might have found after installation a fresh Laravel Project application, the command
php artisan make:auth is missing from the list of the command line.

However, if you have noticed with the release note on Laravel 6.0 LTS. Maybe you know why this command is missing here. Release Note Here

If you want to get it back faster. You can check Laravle UI

laravel new blog

composer require laravel/ui

after you have installed laravel/ui then you will get a few command-line back for authentication.

php artisan ui --help

Here are a few commands

php artisan ui vue

php artisan ui react

The laravel/ui package’s php artisan ui vue –auth command will create all of the views you need for authentication and place them in the resources/views/auth directory.

For more detail on Laravel UI Please check this link

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