How to setup a beautiful Zsh terminal on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Published on July 2, 2021

In this blog post, I would to show you the best way we can make our Terminal on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS look like below image.

In this tutorial, we use Terminator, Oh-MyZsh.

Install required dependencies

You have to make sure git, vim, curl are installed.

	sudo apt install git vim curl

Install terminator

To get terminator installed on your system, run command below

	sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome-terminator
	sudo apt update
	sudo apt install terminator

Install zsh

Run command below to install zsh

	sudo apt install zsh 

Install Oh-My-Zsh

We need oh-my-zsh to manage our zsh configuration.

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Fix issued with Font

  • Install Powerline font
mkdir ~/.fonts/
mv PowerlineSymbols.otf ~/.fonts/
mkdir -p .config/fontconfig/conf.d #if directory doesn't exists
  • Clear fonts cache
	fc-cache -vf ~/.fonts/
  • Move config file
	mv 10-powerline-symbols.conf ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d/

Configure ZSH

  • Edit ~/.zshrc by run vim ~/.zshrc Change [ZSH_THEME="robbyrussell"] to [ZSH_THEME="agnoster"]
  • Remove long name USER in terminal vim ˜/.zshrc

If you have any problem or question, please contact me.

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