Laravel 9 Basic Course

Laravel Course By Khem Puthea

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  • Normal Price: 80$ (support Women in tech discount 10$) No Refund !
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Are you looking for Laravel Course? You come to the right place!

Prerequisites- Recommend Study

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
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Who is this course for

  • Want to start journey as Backend Developer
  • Want to Learn Laravel Framework
  • You will apply for internship program

What you'll learn in this course

  • Review HTML, CSS and basic PHP
  • Learn new tool GIT
  • Setup Local Development and Production for Laravel Application
  • MVC Pattern, Routing, View, Controller
  • Database, Migration, Eloquent, Eloquent Relationship, Database Seeder
  • Integrate the Design, Convert the HTML and CSS to Blade, Blade Component
  • Implement CRUD Application with Laravel Framework
  • Work with Form and Laravel Authentication
  • Choose Package for your development
  • Build Restful API with Laravel Framework
  • No limit to this outline. We make sure you can start applying for your first internship program or building a website using Laravel Framework.

Build Real Project Together; Learn until you can build one project.

You have three months of priority support via Telegram after finishing this course