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Laravel 9 Basic Course

Laravel Course By Khem Puthea

For Payment Method(ABA)

  • Account-holder name: KHEM PUTHEA
  • Account number: 000 468 985

Course Fee (Class Start 3rd September 2022)

  • Class : Every Saturday 2:00PM-5:00PM
  • Normal Price: 120$. Note: No Refund !
  • Student Price: 80$. Note: No Refund !

For more information, direct message me on my Facebook Page or Telegram Channel

Are you looking for Laravel Course? You come to the right place!

Prerequisites- Recommend Study

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Watch HTML, CSS, JavaScript for free on My YouTube Channel : bit.ly/iamputhea

Who is this course for

  • Want to start journey as Backend Developer
  • Want to Learn Laravel Framework
  • You will apply for internship program

What you'll learn in this course

Getting to know Basic GIT

  • Setup Git
  • Basic Git command
  • Working with Remote Git Repository

Setup Local Development

  • Setup PHP, MySQL
  • Setup Laravel on Local Machine

Model View Controller (MVC)

  • Request and Response
  • Controller
  • View : Blade Template
  • Routing to Controller
  • Model and Migration
  • Getting to Know Eloquent
  • Faker and Seeder
  • MVC Practices

Authentication and CRUD Application

  • Setup Laravel Breeze
  • Middleware
  • Create, Read, Update Delete

Build Personal Website

  • Integrate the Design, Convert the HTML and CSS to Blade
  • Master Layout using Extend and Blade Component
  • Working with Model, Controller, View for building dynamic website

Build Restful API with Laravel Framework

  • Getting to know how to build RESTful API using Laravel
  • Testing API with PostMan

Build Real Project Together; Learn until you can build one project.

You have three months of priority support via Telegram after finishing this course