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I uses ...

Puthea's working desk

It's not a joke when you try to follow an experienced developer. Most Laravel Developer inspires all my Tools.

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Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means I will get a commission if you sign up for a product using them. I share my setup because I believe in the tools I use. I would never mention a product to make money.

Office Setup


  • MacBook Pro (Early, 2015) I relied on my 2015 MacBook Pro when I work on Laravel or Flutter projects.
  • Lenovo Legion Y520 is my primary laptop at my workplace.(Window Operating System 😂).
  • Sometimes, I need second monitor as we want to do multi-task at the same time. I decided to buy Samsung monitor 24inch FHD(Limited budget).



PhpStorm IDE
  • PhpStorm is the IDE of my choice
  • Carbon Syntax Theme is beautiful minimalist dark theme.
  • Jetbrains Mono Font


  • When I'm not inside PhpStorm, I use Git Terminal

Local Development

  • On Mac, I use Laravel Valet for local dev system
  • On Window, I use WarmServer for local dev system
  • On Ubuntu, I use use Docker for local dev system

Website Analytics

  • Fathom - simple, fast and privacy-focused website analytics
  • You will get a $10 discount when using the above link

Cloud Storage

Password Manager

Lists / Todos

  • Google Calendar help me to not forget about important events

Hosting & Sever

  • Laravel Forge
  • Digital Ocean


Fantech MCX01 Leviosa Professional Condenser
  • Fantech MCX01 Leviosa Professional Condenser (Plan to Upgrade)